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Hey, I’m Casey Hale

I’m one of the Operation Managers for Featherfall that helps make sure your project goes smoothly and you have a great experience so you invite us to your next barbecue ; )

I love working on the insurance restoration side of our business the most because it feels great to help people when they need someone with experience

I love doing improv and I’m a huge nerd in my spare time. If I’m not working, or busying tying up loose ends, then I’m usually gaming or working out while listening to audio books

I’m our company’s lead HAAG certified residential and commercial inspector for hail and wind, a licensed public adjuster in MD/VA/FL, and have both an Associate in Claims, and Property Claims Law Specialist certification

Don’t let that stuff bore you though. I have the most fun when I’m out getting some sunshine while inspecting homes so give me a call and get me out of this office.. please? send help

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tammy c
Casey with Featherfall really had our back. Our insurance company wasn't going to cover any of our siding after it came down. They said it was less than our deductible. However, Casey helped us to understand how much they were leaving out of their quote! He has been fantastic at helping us to understand this process. I highly recommend working with him if you are looking for someone who will have your back when dealing with insurance.
Saul Serpas
I worked with Casie who is an excellent public adjuster. He worked with my insurance company for damages on my roof and siding. We were able to replace both. The installation crew and Casie were all professional and addressed all of my needs and concerns. I would recommend them to anyone.
Sharon Pitts
We were extremely happy with the siding and roof replacement that Casey Hale and his team did for our home in Maryland. He was professional and very detail oriented. He was very responsive to questions and made sure we were satisfied with the finished product.
We are very happy with Casey’s siding work for our house in Maryland. Casey is super responsive, patient and very educated on the process. He guided us step-by-step on how things would happen and made sure they happened exactly as planned. In addition the follow up, after the work was complete, has been superb. We highly recommend Casey and Featherfall if you are in the DMV area.
Tracy Taylor
Repaired missing siding that was blown off during a wind storm. They fit us into their full schedule and the repair was completed within days of scheduling. Prompt, professional and very reasonably priced. Will definitely use again.
Merry Skowronski
Casey Hale and the team in Montgomery County, MD did an excellent job repairing and capping my windows and doors. Highly recommend the company!
Girish Chaskar
This business had excellent customer service and I would recommend for anyone in a heartbeat!
Swati More
Quality work for reasonable price. I will definitely use this company again for roof and siding repair.
Alexander Acevedo
Casey is very professional and easy to work with. Transparent and clear when communicating, just great customer service! Would greatly recommend FeatherFall Restoration, Casey is a great guy to work with.